Order Entry System

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Send orders to the kitchen by handy terminal. Reduces work for floor staff by shortening work lines.

Orders are sent to the kitchen from handy terminals. This reduces communication errors and floor staff trips to the kitchen, thereby reducing floor staff workload.

Customer Needs

  1. Minimize errors in order preparation
  2. Reduce workload on order taking
  3. Improve hospitality level of staff

Increase the efficiency of order taking

Once an order is sent to the kitchen from a handy terminal, it is immediately printed out on the kitchen printer, making it unnecessary for floor staff to visit the kitchen to convey orders and eliminating the errors that accompany verbal or handwritten communication. 

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Rationalize payments

Order information is displayed on the restaurant POS upon scanning barcodes printed on restaurant bills. Since cashiers do not have to enter items, payment proceeds more smoothly. 

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