All-In-One Bulk System

No Tare, No Fuss, More Fun.

Introducing the All-In-One Bulk System, DIGI's tare-free streamlined solution for the bulk area. From pantry staples to spices, herbs and even vinegars, customers can view product weight and price in real-time directly on the Hopper, Scoop and Liquid Scales while purchasing only the amount they need. 

Frictionless Bulk Shopping

With the All-In-One Bulk System, weight and pricing information of the dispensed item are automatically displayed on the console's screen for label printing, thus simplifying the operation process.
  • Ease of operation by eliminating the need to search for PLU
  • Multiple shoppers can operate simultaneously 
  • No taring of container weight needed

Weigh as You Dispense/ Scoop/ Pour

To accommodate different container-filling methods and dispenser types, this sustainable solution incorporates 3 types of scales so that customers can weigh as they like.

Packaging-Free Shopping

The All-In-One Bulk System redefines the standards for zero waste shopping at the bulk station as it encourages customers to bring their own containers while offering hygienic product handling.

Flexible Configuration

Each setup consists of only a single SM-6000 Printer Console that can be linked to multiple Hopper, Scoop and Liquid Scales, allowing retailers to mix and match different types of dispensers while offering a wider selection of packaging-free products.

Electronic Signage Label - InfoTag

DIGI's InfoTag is an enterprise-grade electronic shelf label that grants pricing automation via wireless updates. It can be easily incorporated on the Hopper, Scoop and Liquid Scales to display product informations or promotions with agile price updates.

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