ESL- InfoTag

Reimagine Possibilities

Unlock a world of possibilities with the InfoTag - DIGI’s new generation electronic shelf label. 

Blending aesthetics and performance, the smart solution now comes in a slew of new sizes, longer battery life, vivid 4-colour display, 7 LED colours, 2 housing colour options, removable batteries and more.

From supermarkets, convenience stores to specialty stores and logistic warehouses, our shelf-edge technology’s lean infrastructure allows seamless in-store digitalisation to future-proof your business.

Longer Battery Life

With an improved battery lifespan of up to 10 years, our cost-effective InfoTag greatly reduces precious man-hour needed for battery replacement and minimise any environmental impact caused by frequent battery disposal.

Stringent quality control assessment and inspection are also carried out to ensure each InfoTag’s quality is maintained at the highest level. 

In addition, our product is splashproof and freezer-friendly, making it durable in any working environment.

*Battery life may vary based on the storage/operating temperature, number of updates, frequency of blinking per day and other factors.

Universal Mounting

Designed for maximum flexibility, all InfoTags sizes can be mounted on the same rail. The POP attachments can also be easily affixed onto InfoTags to boost in-store sales and maximise marketing presence. 

Our comprehensive range of accessories also ensure your business can easily adapt to any fixture requirements.  

Shopper Engagement (NFC & QR Code)

Interact with your customers via NFC or QR code and direct them to useful product information and enticing promotional content that can enrich their buying experience and keep them coming back for more. 

Enhance omni-channel shopping experience with NFC and QR Code. By scanning the QR code or tapping with NFC on our InfoTags, it provides customer with quicker access to product information’s such as exclusive deals and offers that can entice them in their purchase.

By leveraging these features, retailers can create a more personalised experience that keeps customers coming back for more.

Less Waste, Higher Margins

InfoTags makes price updates simpler, quicker, and error-free, making price automation a reality. With these paperless price tags, retailers can increase store margins and enjoy a sustainable operation while saving on manpower and logistics costs.

Lean Infrastructure (DIGI Management Console)

With a minimal setup consisting of just the InfoTag, RF station and a handheld terminal, this lean infrastructure can be easily integrated into existing IT system to reduce operating and maintenance costs while granting swift deployments.

Our cloud-based DIGI Management Console (DMC) also allows retailers to monitor tag status across multiple stores quickly with its dashboard, making it easier to manage panels or stores efficiently regardless of their location.

Remote Control

Available as a device as well as an Android app, the remote control can be used to operate some of InfoTag's key functions such as toggling of LED light, changing pages, and hibernating the tag. This allows operators to conveniently perform different store level tasks which can range from highlighting a product via LED to hibernating inactive tags to conserve battery.

Easy Battery Replacement

Say goodbye to the hassle of replacing batteries! Our battery compartment features an easy-to-open rear cover for quick and convenient battery replacement. The snap-fit design keeps everything secured so that you can forget about fumbling with tiny screws and complicated opening techniques.

Ecosystem Integration

Connect seamlessly with the base station for easy integration with DIGI's PC-based weighing scales or POS solutions. This offers retailers who are already using DIGI scales an affordable way to introduce the technology into their stores without having to undergo extensive remodeling. 

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