Green Revolution

E2 Revolution supports both Economy and Ecology

DIGI proposes Green Revolution to bring the product to contribute to the sustainable society and to offer savings at the same time, based on the three slogans of reduce, reuse and recycle.

Customer Needs

  1. Reduce CO2 emissions associated with labels
  2. Efficiently collect used beverage containers
  3. Reduce waste

Linerless technology is both ergonomically and ecologically-friendly

DIGI's technology brought linerless labeling into daily operation. Linerless label does not use paper liner which is simply a waste. Variable label layouts and sizes now can be used from one label roll.  In addition, unused white space on the label, which is very often seen in many places, can be eliminated and the label size will automatically be adjusted.  More labels, more savings.

Measure to reduce - Achieving E2 with DIGI's waste management system

The first step to reduce waste is to grasp accurately your current waste. DIGI's waste management system helps to reduce waste by providing a picture of your current waste situation

Reverse vending machine enables efficient in-store recycling

The DIGI DRV series makes recycling easy for both shoppers and stores. With its accurate recognition technology, containers are quickly and automatically sorted by material type, without additional labor input for sorting and returning deposit. Its multimedia capability provides additional promotional opportunities and contribute to enhancing your store's image

Achieving ecology with pure water vending machines in the supermarket

The ECOA series pure water vending machines dispense pure, safe water to shoppers helps build shopper loyalty and increases the frequency of store visits. The reusable bottles, helping to protect the environment by not producing waste

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