Delious - Restaurant Management Solution

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Enhance head office ability to manage food and beverage service outlets

Previous management systems for food service establishments most resemble work processing systems that helped reduce labor involved in entering and compiling data. Delious contributes to development of store profitability by enabling a flow of information back to work sites, where it can be used to take profitability-enhancing action.

Customer Needs

  1. Spur outlets to achieve day-to-day sales objectives
  2. Effective use of data analysis to improve profitability
  3. Centralize management of master data
  4. Quickly grasp the sales of each store

Delious speeds up the profitability improvement cycle

Outlets that achieve profitability improvement usually review numeric performance on a daily basis. Such outlets use review results to set sales goals that are communicated to the entire staff, which then make the achievement of those goals a part of their daily work.

Real time review and immediate policy adjustment are key to making an establishment thrive.

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Effortless daily review to improve management

Delious allows automatic preparation of daily reports in any format that suits the individual establishment. Relieved of the troublesome work of report preparation, managers can devote more time to reviewing ways to improve management and planning changes. 

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Spur shop to achieve daily goals

Delious dashboard makes it easy to display shop business statistics on a tablet computer in real time. It can display specific head office instructions on how to reach sales targets.
Making the latest performance data available to employees can be a great motivator, spurring them onward toward daily shop goals.

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Centralized data management

Delious can exchange data with attendance and ordering/receiving systems, enabling consolidated data analysis. This helps improve profitability by providing better understanding of operational conditions through analyses of staff costs and data regarding procurement, etc.

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Flexibly suit to multiple types of businesses

A variety of types of terminals are available to support operations that involve multiple types of businesses and shops. Time and cost of management can be greatly reduced by centrally managing master data for all business and shop types at the head office.

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This is a great system! It helps motivate employees and contributes to quick management decision making. It's just what we were looking for!

RETOWN Corporation

RETOWN Corporation has its hand in a wide range of restaurant businesses centering in the Kansai area, and takes advantage of Delious' profit-enhancing ability to facilitate smooth coordination between the head office and its various outlets.

It's very intuitive and easy to use!

The superior operability of Delious boosts staff motivation by making it easy to work efficiently. Its stress-free operation also supports rapid decision making by management.

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