SM-5300 X

Designed to Excite, Crafted to Excel

Rewrite expectations with the SM-5300 X.
Combining high performance and versatility, this modern weighing solution is capable of fulfilling different retail purposes.
  • Easy-to-use and function-oriented user interface
  • Scalable configuration with future-ready solutions
  • Video playback for in-store promotions and advertisements
  • High resolution 300 dpi label printing

Rewriting Expectations

The all-new SM-5300 X marries exquisite design with exceptional performance, bringing a modern weighing solution that exceeds all expectations.

Queue Management & Collection System

Maintain social distancing by keeping in-store queues virtual. When combined with the collection system, retailers can offer a contactless pickup experience to ensure the safety of customers and employees.
  • Minismises physical clustering
  • Customisable queue and collection ticket
  • Optimise waiting time with multi-department queue
  • Supports API integration with third-party mobile queue app

Automatic Clerk Identification

Speed ID taps on RFID technology for a contactless user login to the scale while keeping the scale safe from unauthorised usage. Its touchless nature helps to safeguard the workplace by limiting physical contact amongst operators.
  • Available in 2 variants: tag or wristband
  • Built-in clerk log report allows contact tracing and reduces shrinkage

DIGI Management Console

DIGI Management Console enables remote management of scale data and label design in real-time. Scale and printer status can be monitored at a glance with its dashboard overview. This cloud-based service also provides remote access to sales reports and other remote services such as network wide configuration and software updates.
  • Remote operation eliminates unnecessary physical interactions
  • Reduce downtime and increase productivity

Electronic Signage Label - InfoTag

InfoTag is an enterprise-grade electronic shelf label that grants pricing automation via wireless updates. Its QR code and NFC- Near Field Communication capabilities make product information readily available to customers via their mobile devices.
  • Ensures social distancing with remote price update
  • Promote product and speed up order picking with LED flash indicator
  • Low temperature variant available for freezer environment

Electronic Signage Label - e.Label with Hi-Touch

e.Label combines a high definition e-Paper display with the tap-activated Hi-Touch feature to achieve maximum readability and fast PLU call-up. Designed for wet environments, the IP67-certified electronic labels are water-resistant and washable to help retailers maintain high hygiene standards. 
  • Reduce in-store physical interactions with remote price updates
  • Hi-Touch delivers error-free PLU call-up to boost operational efficiency
  • Available in 3 sizes (1.54”, 2.7”, 4.2”)

Waste Management - Accurate Waste Tracking

DIGI’s waste management solution accurately tracks and measures wastage by capturing its data according to type, quantity and location of disposal.
  • Improve procurement planning with insights from the analysis report
  • Identify near-expiry products for markdowns

User Interface & Interactive Displays

SM-5300 X features a new user interface that is easy on the eyes and maximises screen usage, displaying only the necessary function keys related to each specific mode. 

Its full touchscreen display eliminates the need for a physical keypad while its native video playback capability allows personalised content to be showcased on its customer display to boost engagement.
  • Favourites Tab
  • Video playback capability
  • Support dynamic advertisements

Linerless Label with Auto-Cutter

With no backing paper and twice as many label prints on a single label roll, this sustainable solution helps businesses to maximise inventory space while reducing logistic costs.
  • Quick and easy roll replacement
  • Flexible label design
  • Crisp and appealing label presentation

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